About us

Pursuing high growth opportunities and advancement by investing in innovation, practicing resilience and nurturing creativity.

Our Vision

Building a robust and diversified operating asset holding company through strategic partnerships in the Caribbean and Latin America

Our Mission

To empower, enhance, advance and improve lives and opportunities of every business and individual we come in contact with. As a partnership-oriented company our affiliated companies and shareholders and provided:

  • Organic growth
  • Strategic acquisitions
  • Strong corporate governance
  • Business combinations
  • Consolidated finance through simplification, standardization and automation

Our Leadership

Syed Baser Shueb

CEO & Managing Director

Who We Are

There is  a reason VAHHoldings is one of the fastest-growing holding companies in the region; our investments are business-led, and centered on improving the Caribbean by creating opportunities, strengthening the financial sector, to achieve the best for each community, the, government and our people. Everything we support is synchronized with our drive to improve businesses that improve lives. 

As a Dominican-based company, closely aligned with the 2030 vision, and the regions’ plans for the next 50 years, supporting and contributing to the advancement of the nation in a multitude of industries through innovation, creativity and resilience.